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You probably heard this saying more than once while growing up:  “look before you cross the street!”

The same concept applies for goaltending and appears obvious, but goaltenders at all levels struggle with consistently looking away from the puck when it is in a non-threatening area on the ice. As a result, they are often caught behind the play and unable to move into position, get set and prepare for the shot or pass.

In the October edition of InGoal Magazine, I talk about the importance of looking off the puck and offer a few tips and drills so that you can practice this skill (pg. 66).

Check out the rest of the magazine, too, as it has goaltending covered in 100 pages of coaching tips, drills and spotlights some new equipment.


-Eli Rassi.

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Owner and head instructor, Michael Lawrence, has been training North American and European goaltenders since 2001. Clients include several junior, major junior, collegiate and professional goaltenders.
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